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Get a Venmo with card and log in

Open a business account with it all you the person got to do is verify there account with there social .

You got to use the Venmo card to purchase a item from Nordstrom it would be best to purchase the highest amount you can cause you gonna get a refund.

You can only go to Nordstrom not Nordstrom rack

Once you got the item you gotta go to any other Nordstroms Store and ask for a return .

You got to put the Venmo peice in the machine and put the pin in .

As soon as you enter the pin it’s going to say processing with a orange dot next to it 

You slightly pull the card out IMMEDIATELY but not all the way out so it don’t look funny

Pull the card out just enough where the chip is not all the way in no more your gonna feel the friction when pull take the card out

Automatically how much ever item you purchased will be refunded to the  Venmo account 

You keep trying and act like their system messed up or your card  is how ever u wave it

The goal is to do that as much times as possible cause every time you do that it’s get refunded on the card

On a business act you could transfer up to 25k on the peice.The hard part is pulling all the bread off 

If the person already has a bank account connected they could transfer it to there bank account that takes 1-3 business days usually 2 make sure that person account says verified 

You walk in the bank and take it 

or send most in cash app swipe apple products use chime it’s more options 

If you don’t get a Business you could only spend 7,000 for the weekly limit in sending and spending on the Venmo card
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Thanks for your tutorials it really
Worked for me .

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