Clone Physical Cards

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Clone cards are physical ATM cloned cards using Dumps with pins.

Order a legit highly Balanced Clone card and have them delivered to your doorstep

Steps of Pulling Cash from ATM
Step 1. Insert the Card
Step 2. Select the language 
Step 3. Enter 4 Digit ATM Pin
Step 4. Select your transaction 
Step 5. Select Account
Step 6. Enter the Withdrawal Amount( $1,000)
Step 7. Collect Cash
Step 8. Take the Printed Receipt

Telegram Channel:

Telegram Private Message @Xclones

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Grabbing more soon .

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I’ll need more of them clones to cashout .

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Just made some cashout from your clone cards 
, I hope to start working for you as a cashier. Will be buying the tools soon.

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I need one clone card to work on . Can you ship to Florida?
(08-07-2022, 07:58 AM)McHugh Wrote: I need one clone card to work on . Can you ship to Florida?
Of course , Private message for your order @Xclones
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